Driving or riding in this case…

My friend Teresa and I are out and about again checking out the sceneries around us and picture taking. “Where’s the wine” I ask….. Since I was riding, why not…

We stopped at the Celtic cross in Cannelton, Indiana, and decided to check out the “Blue HeronWinery” and what a delight. I NEVER liked dry wines, but as the mister explained, it all depends on the grape and how it is processed. I LOVE this 23 degree red dry wine.

This is a must see, it is located at 5330 Blue Heron Lane in Cannelton, Indiana, and is a scenery drive to get there. You will think you’re lost before arriving but that it is the fun of it. This time of year, fall to winter, is especially great while you are driving you can see such a great part of the scenery, it is so amazing!.

My friend is part of a ghost hunter group here in town, and so we, by ourselves, decided to check out a potential haunted gravesite, but in the later afternoon day light. I have several pictures but none that has any particular beings in them, just beautiful scenery. The gravesite is way out in the country behind a county membership camp and fishing site. Not sure if anyone even goes out there anymore. Not a sign that appears there is life out there… 😁😆

We passed several sights that was a mention to stop and take pictures. I even took a few videos. If there were no, “no trespassing” signs, then we took pictures, and a few we took.

This has been a great day of adventure. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Till next time…

SpaceLife Origin…

SpaceLife Origin
— Read on spacelifeorigin.com/en

I was watching one of my favorite you tubers… “What the Fetch” with Grant Wilson and his wife Reanna, and they had done some research on some of the comments people were leaving on their posts and one of them was about alien babies.

Believe it or not, there are scientists out there developing way for humans to have a baby out in space.

Click on the link above to get some clues at to what they are up to.

Also, you can catch the duo on their you tube channel ” Grant Wilson” He was one of the original Ghost Hunters on TV. Actually one fo the very first TV ghost hunters.

Till again…

Photo taking…

A friend of mine and I love to go driving around to different places and taking pictures all around us.

One of the many places we stop at are cemeteries. She’s more obsessed with them than I am, but some are more fascinating than others.

As we drove around Evansville Indiana, we drove into the St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery which was established in 1871.Here are a few pics from here…

These pictures here are resemblances of Christ’s crucifixion in different stages. They weren’t in order.

Here are others from around the place.

This place is much bigger than these pictures show.

These stones are enormous and you know the families must be very proud of their heritage to show off such a huge stone for the whole world to admire.

The monstrous one at the bottom is the Reitz family plot. They are part of the Reitz family who are part of the Reitz Catholic High School in Evansville.

I love looking at the stones and admiring what the family has accomplished and wonder how much they are remembered. Hopefully a lot especially their name plastered all over the city. Quit Amazing.


We also went to Newburgh to the Angel Mounds State Historic Site. They were having the Day of the Dead Celebration. Since this was right after Halloween, I thought it was a lay over from the holiday, but actually it was a Mexican celebration. According the Wikipedia, it is a Multi-day celebration focusing on family and friends praying and remembering those who have died and t help support their journey. This usually runs between October 31st to November 2nd.

It really is amazing that different cultures celebrations really means so much ins o many different ways.


There are so many beautiful buildings in Evansville. Next are the old courthouse downtown and a library that was once an old home to the Willard family famous for being haunted. The Willard Library.


It was a great day to roam around and see some spectacular places.


Last picture, an old building downtown evansville where the stones still inset into side of building saying “Stable”. I’ll look at it and it’s surrounding areas and wonder if this is where the owners out there horses while at work before the car was invented?

Hope you enjoyed.

Till again…



One of my favorite pass times is crocheting.

I usually am making dish rags or afghans, but I have been you tubing, go figure, and have ran across Miss Anoo and love her channels. She is so inspiring and her tutorials are so easy to follow.

Here is my next project, something that I have never attempted before, but after watching her video, I believe I can do this. I will post my finished project when I am done .

Hope you enjoy this video and let me know what you think.

Till then…

Fastdraw thinking…

Well, last year, after my brothers passing, I joined the cowboy fastdraw competition club that he was a member of, mainly for a memorial to him. This was something that he lived and enjoyed more than anything else I knew of. So after he passed from a massive heart attack at age 41, I wanted to be part of his favorite past time. After living 4 hours away and newly married then losing my daughter from cancer just three months after my brothers passing, it was really hard to get to the competitions and practice from so far away. Plus, this sport and hobby can get very expensive. So I withdrew from membership.

Then I moved back home to kentucky.

After having breakfast with dad the other morning, he asked if I would come back and join again for him. He started this and it was something him and my baby brother enjoyed doing together.

He said that I could borrow one of his pistols, because a 44 starts out about $600 plus, then all the other equipment that goes along with it , holster, holster belt, which are around $300, and then I have to buy the wax bullets, primmer, gun cleaning equipment, etc…

But if I borrowed the more expensive stuff till I can afford my own, again, then I guess I could since dad asked.

Below is a video of dad and I practicing. Even though I’m slower, I hit the target, which dad did not. If this was competition, I would have beaten him… LOL…

For more information on this…. Check out the link below…